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Graphic Design

Graphics are striking, telling, detailed, and picturesque. 

Graphics show rather than tell. Colors, images, fonts, and carefully placed words all coming together to tell your story, deliver your message and communicate clearly with your audience.

Graphics can include a long list of things - from business cards to billboards. Good graphic design is creative, telling and memorable. 

Below is a small sampling of graphic design work that LB Marketing has created. Read what our clients have to say about our work here.

You can reach us (484) 429-3815 to talk about your graphic design needs. 
"...Great design partner to have..."

  Michele Quarton, Writer at Floppy Hat Gardner Blog
What's the process for hiring LB Marketing to design my graphics?

Working with a graphic designer for the first time? Don't be afraid. We'll walk you through it.

Below is a brief introduction to the process that we use for graphic design projects.

Meet with the client
Initial discussions center around what you need and when you need it. We talk about what you like and don't like. We also talk about what others in your industry are doing. Not to copy, of course, but to get an idea of what the industry standards and expectations are.

In choosing a graphic designer it is important that you find one who can show samples of their work. Different designers have different styles. It's best to find one with a style that you like. Start to collect brochures and logos that catch your eye.

Research is looking at past marketing materials, looking at the "big picture" marketing goals, and looking at other graphics that you like. Again, not to copy, but to use as a starting point for what you are looking for.

Depending on the project, one or several design concepts will be presented. For logo design usually three to four ideas will be presented. We will put our best graphic design ideas forward based on our discussion with you and our research.

Maybe you like part of one idea and part of another. Maybe you'll love one right off that bat and maybe you won't like any at all. If nothing else this is the starting point for us to get to the one that you LOVE. All of our graphic design proposals include two rounds of revisions, so there's plenty of room to move.

Final Files
The final approved graphic design files will be provided in the file format that you need. Logo files are provided on a CD with many different versions - black and white, color, with a tagline, without a tagline, .jpg, etc.

Pricing and Payment
Our pricing for graphic design is determined individually by project. This is because each project has its own unique qualities. As an example, if we design a brochure sometimes the client has the images and the copy ready to go. Other times they leave that up to us. We base our quotes on past experience and how much time and effort we know a project to take. Additional costs such as photography and copy writing always need to be considered.

We ask for 50% deposit up front to start a graphic design project. Balance is due upon completion and delivery of the final files.

We can handle printing for you or refer to you any number of excellent local and online printing companies.

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